ROLAND Roland 706 LV, Age c.2005

ROLAND Roland 706 LV, Age c.2005 Ref.- JN7621

Circa: 2005
Impressions: 170

ROLAND Roland 706 LV(74 x 104cm), Age c.2005, serial no.31679B, circa 170 million, ROLAND SIX COLOUR HYBRID PRESS PLUS COATER, Age: c.2005 (Built date 9/12/2005 installed new Mid 2006), Raised 575mm, CCI-Pecom, RCI 2, APL, Roland Logistics Automated Non Stop feeder with 6 pallets ( Fitted new 2012), Steel plate in feeder, Vacuum feeder, Pneumatic Electronic sidelays, Kersten ionised blast in feeder, Programmable roller and blanket and cylinder

wash, Diagonal register, Preset formatting,

  • Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector, All cylinders chromed, Air glide delivery

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