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Stitching Machines

We offer a vast range of Gatherer stitcher trimming lines, predominately Muller Martini systems ensure maximum added value  –  with the new fully automatic saddle stitching lines with amrys. The invention of "flying stitching heads" is just one of the many technological highlights Muller Martini introduced over the years to the stitching machine market.
The operating controls that we offer on saddle stitchers are automated to continually increase quality and efficiency. This automation in print finishing has made it possible to reduce setup and changeover times by up to 50 per cent. Speed has also been increased to up to 30,000 cycles. With the help of sophisticated quality-control technology, the stitching process which offers both loop stitching and conventional stitching has become safer and quicker, as well as more reliable, these stitching lines are also complimentary of each other.

If your business is seeking a space-saving, simple Gathering, stitching line or a versatile, high-performance automated 6 or 8 station systems and no matter if you are demanding large or small stitching runs, we can offer the perfect solution for you. Each Muller Martini system is built for high-performance, robust and long-lasting design, as well as for compatible, workflow-efficient and cost-effective stitching production.

Please ring a member of our team for more info on stitching machines.