RYOBI 755 GP, Age c.2009

RYOBI 755 GP, Age c.2009 Ref.- JN7789

Circa: 2009
Impressions: 102

RYOBI 755 GP(54 x 75cm), Age c.2009, serial no.1010, circa 102 million.

  • Speed 15,000 SPH, Ryobi PCS-G Print control system, Ryobi PDS-E Print Density control system, Ryobimatic dampening, CIP4 interface with license, Steel plate in feeder/delivery, Programmatic roller/ blanket wash, Automatic presetting, Ionised blast in feeder, Technotrans Alpha D Refrigeration, Non stop delivery, Grafix Digital 3000 Spray, Ultrasonic two sheet control, Automatic perfecting change over, Ryobi RPC fully automatic plate change, 5/0 1 /4 Perfecting.

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