KBA 106 SIS SPC -5L CX ALV2, Age c.2009

KBA 106 SIS SPC -5L CX ALV2, Age c.2009 Ref.- JN7528

Circa: 2009
Impressions: 146

KBA 106 SIS SPC -5L CX ALV2(75 x 106cm), Age c.2009, serial no.376063, circa 146 million, Max speed 18,000 SPH, Ergotronic Professional Ink control, KBA Vari dampening, KBA Logotronic professional measuring/ scanner, SIS new

infeed control, Ionised blast in feeder, Intercom, CX Package, Non stop feeder, Non-stop Rollo delivery, Drive tronic SPC simultaneous plate change, Baldwin blanket washers, Programmable blanket/roller/imp. cylinder wash,

  • Technotrans Beta C combined refrigeration/ Ink temp controlled (water cooled), Alcoprint 4000 measuring, and Machine elevated 450mm.

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